What we Can do for you

Merrell O’Flaherty Dormer Architects is a practice committed to delivering a tailored, personal service. Your project will be handled by one of our directors from the initial meeting, through to completion.

We aim to respond to your requirements with flair and understanding. Each project has opportunities to create something that answers your requirements and much more, whilst still remaining within budget and on time.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us through the contact page of this site where you will find our telephone and email details.

As Chartered Architects with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), we follow a process called the RIBA Plan of Work, which is designed to direct a project through a series of stages from inception to completion. This helps you, as the client, to understand the design development and construction process, and assists us as, designers, to guide the project in a consistent and transparent manner. The Plan of Work is divided into eight stages.


We will meet with you to develop a brief, to gain an understanding of your needs, your budget, the building or site. This allows us to advise on what is the most appropriate and feasible way to get the best from your project, in relation to design, cost, planning and building regulation requirements. Our first meeting with you is usually at your property or site and there is no charge for this. We will then write to you outlining our fees and identifying any other project costs that we anticipate.


Should our terms be acceptable to you, we will carry out or arrange a measured survey of any existing buildings or site to allow us to develop drawn proposals, sketches and concepts.

Our ideas can be presented in different media, depending on what is appropriate to your project. We aim to bring imagination and creativity to our proposals to maximise the potential of your brief, whilst retaining a practical overview and awareness of cost. The drawings presented at this time will help you to understand our ideas and will allow us to refine the proposals with your input.


Once we have agreed the final scheme, we will advise you as to what Local Authority Planning Consents are required. The approved concepts will then be developed further to accompany the Planning Application which will be submitted to the Local Authority on your behalf.


Assuming there is a successful outcome to the Planning Application, the proposals are developed further, detailed construction drawings, schedules and specifications are produced, suitable firstly for obtaining Building Regulation Approval and secondly for negotiating a fixed price or obtaining competitive tenders. At this time, other consultants may be required and we will advise on these.


Should you require it, we are able to oversee your project on site and offer a contract administration service between yourself and the building contractor. This includes, preparing the building contracts, regular site visits to review the construction, site meetings with you and the contractor, as well as certifying stage payments to the builder.


Towards the end of the construction stages, we will organise the handover elements as part of the contract administration from the building contractor to yourself as the client. This would include, outstanding payments, inspections to ascertain any defects, and practical completion. As part of our role as contract administrator, we will manage the retention monies (a percentage of the contract value withheld from the contractor to cover any defects that become evident in the period immediately post completion), arranging for this to be released once all defects have been satisfactorily addressed. A document will also be provided to you towards the end of these stages which highlights any significant maintenance requirements for the project during its expected lifetime.